CNC Machinist

Must have knowledge of machines, tooling, materials and programs. Must be able to program new jobs, perform all set-ups and do all editing on Fanuc type controls.

Experience on the following, one or more, a plus (machinery cross-training based on interest and skill level):

Centerless Grinder

Set-up and operate in-feed to product specifications on aerospace materials. Inspect and measure in-process pieces and adjust to hold .0004 tolerances. Detect and make necessary adjustments to maintain product specifications.

Screw Machine Operator

Must be able to set-up and operate machinery. Must be able to sharpen own tooling and drills.

Experience on one or more of the following machinery a plus (machinery cross-training based on interest and skill level):

Thread Roller

Must be able to set-up and operate Waterbury #20 and #30 flat die machines and Three (3) die cylindrical thread rolling machines. Will be forming threads on aerospace materials (super alloys) with tight tolerances.

Manufacturing Generalist

Some experience with deburring (removing sharp edges and burrs from parts). Based on interest and skill level will provide cross-training including thread rolling and grinding.

UPP is an equal opportunity employer. Benefits include health care coverage and 401K retirement program, education program. UPP is a 65+ year family owned business offering employees an excellent working environment with opportunities to improve skills and advance throughout the plant.